5 Weekday Breakfast Bowls

Making breakfast on weekdays can have you pinched for time -- I get it. But I find that my days are WAY better if I take a few minutes for coffee & breakfast in the morning. 

Buuut, it needs to be quick, relatively healthy, and have some variety from day to day -- otherwise, I don't keep up with it. Enter: my list of weekday breakfast bowl inspo.

5 Weekday Breakfast Bowls via 312food

Here's a list of 5 weekday breakfast bowls that will have you to work on time and satisfy every breakfast craving. Most of them only use 1 pan (my current favorite for eggs: the epicurious nonstick) and take well under 10 minutes. 


5 Weekday Breakfast Bowls 


Meatless Monday Breakfast Bowl

Meatless Monday is a thing, and not just at dinner! This super simple and absolutely delicious veggie-filled breakfast will make your mom proud. You'll get your veggies in before 5pm -- go you!

Click the links below this recipe for the detailed instructions.

Weekday Breakfast Bowls


Parmigiano Scrambled Eggs with Greek Yogurt & Pesto

I'm pretty proud of this one. It's the BEST, and you only need 4 ingredients!

You can use store-bought pesto, or make it in advance if you want to get extra fancy. After that, it's as simple as scrambling some cheesy eggs and topping them with a dollop of Greek yogurt and some pesto. Click below for the detailed recipe instructions!

Weekday Breakfast Bowls


Bacon Fat Soft Scramble

Bacon, egg, and cheese is an American breakfast classic -- and anything with thick-cut bacon automatically has my vote.

This recipe has two simple, super important steps: (1) cook the eggs in the bacon fat, and (2) take the eggs off the heat before you think they're done. Click the recipe link below for step-by-step instructions!


"Everything But The Bagel" Scramble 

This recipe was inspired by bagels with lox. It's got the smoked salmon, cream cheese, and seasoning -- really, everything except the bagel itself! 

The cream cheese mixed in with the scrambled eggs is TO. DIE. FOR.

Take a look at the recipe details below and try it for yourself!

Everything But The Bagel Scramble by 312food


Everything But the Fridge 

It's the end of the week -- and, let's be honest, you might be a bit hungover. Whatever leftovers you have in your fridge are going to make a great scramble for a Friday breakfast bowl.

I always have a ton of delicious condiments on hand, and so I spice mine up with a dollop of whatever makes sense. Today, I used Sir Kensington's sriracha mayo. Best decision ever. 


I hope you liked these weekday breakfast bowl ideas. I kept them quick and relatively healthy to meet your needs on weekday mornings.

Of course, you could always add in more time-consuming items like potatoes if you make any of these on the weekend.

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5 Weekday Breakfast Bowls - Healthy Recipes by 312food

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