Chicago Pie Guide

It's November, and we NEED to talk about pie.

I love pie all year, of course -- and especially in the fall. What holiday table is complete without at least a few of them? 

Chicago Pie Guide by 312food

Introducing my Chicago Pie Guide. You may not be Betty Crocker -- but if you have $25, you can totally pretend to be when you show up to your in-laws' on Thanksgiving with one of these in hand.

Take a look at my favorite Chicago pie shops below, organized by neighborhood (north to south). Please let me know if I missed any favorites!

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Chicago Pie Guide by 312food


1. Baker Miller

I will eat literally anything that comes out of Baker Miller's ovens -- and that includes their delicious pies.

Which pies to get: salted caramel apple crumble, rye whiskey pecan, purple sweet potato pie

How to order holiday pies: they're taking Thanksgiving preorders through 11/18/17 -- order & pickup info here.

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2. First Slice Pie Café

First Slice has 4 awesome pie shops (Ravenswood, Andersonville, Evanston, and Manor), and an ongoing dinner subscription program that funds meals for Chicagoans in need (you can read more about that here).

Which pies to get: French Silk pie, Polka dot pie, Michigan Sour Cherry pie

How to order holiday pies: via "order pies" section of their website; some require 48+ hrs notice


3. Sweet Mandy B's

I just LOVE Sweet Mandy B's. Their head baker Sherrie is a great friend of mine -- yours too, if you're on instagram -- and I just love everything that comes out of that kitchen.

Which pies to get: banana cream pie, turtle pie, Oreo pie

How to order holiday pies: call or stop by (go early -- they'll hit capacity)

4. Floriole

Right next door to Sweet Mandy B's is Floriole. They serve delicious tarts and other pastries all year, and at Thanksgiving they take pie orders too!

I'm just DYING over this Thanksgiving pumpkin pie topped with brown sugar meringue.

How to order holiday pies: They're taking orders through 11/17/17 (or until they reach capacity) at this link here -- looks like they have a lot of delicious options in addition to pies (like pecan pie cake?! who knew?).


5. Bang Bang Pie

I first "met" Bang Bang Pie on instagram years ago because they're great at it. They were early to the game and grew a lot by supporting and lifting up the food and places around them -- which I love.

Their pies, eggs, biscuits, coffee, and branding aren't too bad, either.

Their original location is in Logan Square, and they've opened a second spot in Ravenswood.

Pies to get: apple pie, roasted pumpkin pie

How to order holiday pies: click here to pre-order by 11/18/17 for Thanksgiving.


6. Bake

Bake is a husband- and wife-owned shop in Wicker Park with the cutest cookies, the yummiest cakes, and a HUGE gallery wall of colorful art. 

They serve cupcakes and cookies daily, and you can order in advance for full cakes and pies.

How to order holiday pies: click here for ordering info; order by 11/18/17 for Thanksgiving pies.

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7. Hoosier Mama Pie Company

Hoosier Mama has two locations -- one in West Town, and one in a Dollop in Evanston.

On Friday, they serve a flight of 3 small pie slices that you select from a rotating/seasonal menu. PIE FLIGHTS?? Say no more.

Which pies to get: pie flights (flavors vary); passionfruit meringue pie; chocolate chess pie; Chicago sunrise, if you dare (it's made with Malort 😜).

How to order holiday pies: Their West Town shop is already FULL for Thanksgiving orders (as of 11/7/17); there may still be availability from Evanston. Check out their holiday order forms by location and their regular order forms by location for future orders.


8. Spinning J

Spinning J is a cozy ice cream and pie shop with a vintage "soda fountain" feel. They have GREAT pies, in super interesting seasonal flavors like strawberry hibiscus key lime pie.

Pies to get: flavors rotate seasonally

How to order holiday pies: call or stop by (info here)


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9. Heaven on Seven

You've been living under a rock if you don't already know how much I love Heaven on Seven -- it's my second home, and they're my second family. So, there's that.

But you might NOT know that they have a huge selection of pies every day, and that they make them all from scratch. 

Pies to get: key lime, chocolate pecan, chocolate peanut butter

How to order holiday pies: call 312-263-6443
BONUS: You can also order your Thanksgiving TURKEY from the family's other restaurant, The Purple Pig -- email for info


10. Jimmy Jamm Pies

If you've never had a sweet potato pie, you are reeeallly missing out. Jimmy Jamm is known for having the BEST sweet potato pies -- and sweet potato everything-else-you-can-imagine -- on their menu.

Pies to get: sweet potato pie with honey cream cheese frosting 

How to order holiday pies: call ASAP to order before they hit capacity -- 773-779-9105


If you or your guests have dietary needs, here are two gluten free pie options that you'll love:

11. Wheat's End

Wheat's End is a 100% gluten free restaurant (with a GREAT brunch, I might add) -- and is the perfect place to get gluten free pies and pastries.

The food is amazing -- it's a great spot for gluten lovers and haters alike. 😜

How to order holiday pies: info here; 2-5 days' notice required

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12. True Food Kitchen

And finally, if you'd like a vegan AND gluten free option, the squash pie at True Food Kitchen is calling your name. 

Pies to get: squash pie

How to order holiday pies: stop in or call to place orders, by 11/19/17.

Chicago Pie Guide by 312food

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And as always, please let me know in the comments if there are any great spots I missed. I may add them!

Thanks for reading. 🙂  -Erin


Chicago Pie Guide -- the best pies in Chicago for Thanksgiving and all year round.

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