“Everything But The Fridge” Scrambled Eggs

If Thursdays are for "Everything But The Bagel" Scrambles, then Fridays are for "Everything But The Fridge" Scrambles.

Friday mornings can be a bit tough, you know. You're tired and maaaybe-probably just a bit hungover.

This recipe is a quick fix to get some food in your system -- and to finish off some leftovers -- before you head out the door for work and into the weekend.

Sir Kensington's Sriracha Mayo Eggs by 312food

One trick I use for these types of dishes is to always keep a bunch of sauces and condiments on hand. The right mayo, hot sauce, or salsa can pull together all of the flavors in your dish and make it feel like you had always intended to throw them into pan together on a hungover Friday morning. 😜

P.S. If more curated breakfast dishes are for you, check out Monday through Thursday on my list of 5 weekday breakfast bowls. But if you want to end your week of breakfast bowls exactly like I did, then keep reading. 🙂



  • Butter or oil 
  • Meat (I used cooked ground turkey from tacos earlier that week)
  • Veggies (I used sliced cherry tomatoes and green onions)
  • Cheese, grated
  • 2-3 eggs, beat with whisk
  • A yummy sauce (I used Sir Kensington's sriracha mayo; lots of salsas, mayos, or hot sauces would work!)
  • Pepper + Himalayan pink salt + other spices, to taste


Of course, many combinations of ingredients would work well for this leftovers-inspired dish. The important part, for me, is to put something unifying in the dish so that everything tastes good together.

Since I was using ground turkey, onions, and tomatoes, I added Sir Kensington's sriracha mayo to my dish. Salsa would have worked great, too!

The basic idea:

  1. Cook or heat meat in nonstick pan with seasoning of choice
  2. Add veggies
  3. Add eggs
  4. Add cheese
  5. Plate it
  6. Add a sauce / hot sauce / salsa / herbs on top
  7. Enjoy!

Everything But The Fridge Scramble

This is much less of a formal recipe than the other 4 on my list of 5 weekday breakfast bowls -- but it is really, truly how I ended my week of breakfast inspo.

I hope you enjoyed all of these ideas! If you did, please pin & share. Thanks! -Erin

5 weekday breakfast bowls by 312food

Everything But The Fridge Scrambled Eggs - What To Do With Leftovers by 312food

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