Gifts for Wine Lovers

Check it out, my first ever gift guide is here!!!

And what better way to start with than with gifts for wine lovers. 🍷

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So, without further ado -- pour yourself a glass of wine (😉) and start shopping.


1. On Cloud Wine

 Gotta love an ombre wine glass with a cute saying!

ORDER HERE: Nordstrom

On Cloud Wine Glass

2. TIPSY Cow Napkins

These stitched linen napkins are sold by a friend of mine here in Chicago.

ORDER THIS GIFT: Tipsy Napkins
SEE HER FULL STORE: White Elephant Designs

Tipsy Napkins from White Elephant Designs

3. Sugarfina Sour Champagne Bears

Champagne gummies -- such a great gift for someone who loves champagne and has everything.

ORDER THIS GIFT: Sour Champagne Bears
OR TRY THIS SET: Bubbly Bears

Sugarfina Champagne Bears

4. Drinking Buddies Drink Markers

What better way to keep tabs on your cocktail than with a Speedo-clad hunk named Cody hanging on the side? This gift will make everyone at your party laugh, and it's only $9.

ORDER THIS GIFT: Holiday Drinking Buddies 
PS: Click around; they have other options like cowboys & swimmers too.

Drinking Buddies Drink Markers

5. WINOSAUR Glitter Sweatshirt

Let me guess: you saw this sweatshirt and immediately thought of the friend it'd be just PERFECT for.

(Spoiler's me!!!! Is it you, too? 😜)

ORDER THIS GIFT: Winosaur Sweatshirt 

Winosaur Sweatshirt

6. Twelve Nights of Wine

This gift set from Vinebox has 12 single-serving glasses of wine. It's basically a wine advent calendar, which is a step up from chocolate IMO.

You're gonna want to order this ASAP if you want it -- looks like they're already backordered through Dec 7, 2017.

ORDER THIS GIFT: Twelve Nights of Wine

Twelve Nights of Wine by Vinebox

7. Countertop Wine Fridge

Apartment living can be tough. How are you supposed to enjoy your wine at the perfectly-chilled temperature with no room (or $) for a fancy wine fridge?

Enter this countertop wine fridge -- and it's only $100 too.

ORDER THIS GIFT: Countertop Wine Fridge

Countertop Wine Fridge

8. Kate Spade Champagne Flutes

These Kate Spade champagne flutes with rose gold trim let you drink everything out of rosé-colored glasses - even during our cold Chicago winters.

ORDER THIS GIFT: Kate Spade Champagne Flutes
SHOP MORE: Kate Spade (psst...15% off when you join their mailing list)

Kate Spade Champagne Flute

9. Copper Stemless Champagne Flutes

World Market has such cute glassware at a great price -- currently only $19 for a set of 4! (Typically $24 - looks like they're having a Thanksgiving sale).

ORDER THIS GIFT: Stemless Copper Champagne Flutes (on sale from $24)

Stemless Copper Champagne Flute

10. BRIX Dark Chocolate for Wine

My friend Ashley taught me about this special extra dark chocolate, which is meant to be consumed with wine, enhancing the flavor of the chocolate and the wine.

ORDER THIS GIFT: BRIX Extra Dark Chocolate for Wine

Brix Chocolate for Wine

11. Bring Me Some Wine Socks

These are my new favorite socks -- the soles say "if you can read this, bring me some wine." 

I've bought these for myself and will be wearing them (soles up) on Xmas morning when my fam walks into the room. They're not a bad stocking stuffer, either. 

P.S. If you don't like this particular design, they're all over Etsy too.

If you can read this bring me some wine socks

12. Electric Wine Opener

This electric wine opener is the perfect gift for almost anyone 25-35.

I can tell you that from personal experience. I received this as a gift a few years ago -- along with my sister and three step brothers -- and we were all thrilled. 

The one I linked is the exact one we all have, and it has held up super well over the years!

ORDER THIS GIFT: Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener

Electric Wine Opener Gift

13. Wine Sealer

This gift is a bonus addition to the list -- and not by design, but because I forgot to put it on my image above. Whoops.

This wine sealer is only $13 and will save you sooooo much money. You simply pump the air out of any unfinished wine (wait...what is that?? Lol) and it will last days longer.

ORDER THIS GIFT: Vacu Vin Wine Sealer

Vacu Vin Wine Saver


I hope you like my guide and that it helps you with your holiday shopping! Happy holidays!

The best gifts for wine lovers!

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