GUIDE: 11 Fancy Smoked Salmon Dishes in Chicago

I just love smoked salmon, and will eat it on anything - from your typical bagel & lox to all of the crazy platters you'll see on this list.

Fancy smoked salmon platters are on EVERY brunch menu these days - with each place trying to outdo the last. 

11 Fancy Smoked Salmon Dishes in Chicago

Not that I'm complaining.

I just love all of these inventive touches on a brunch menu staple -- special breads, house-made cream cheeses, and all kinds of crisp, brightly colored toppings to go along with them. 

I hope you enjoy my list. If you do, please share it! And if you can think of any epic smoked salmon dishes that I missed, please write them in the comments so I can check them out. Thanks!


1. Siena Tavern

Spoiler alert: the first dish on this list is actually my favorite of them all. I just LOVE the crispy dough puffs that they serve in place of the traditional bagel.

The crispy dough is airy, buttery, and flaky - and so much fun to break apart and eat with the various platter accompaniments.

I've put it first to set the tone for this list: dishes that go the extra mile with something special and delightful (like crispy dough!), but somehow not too over the top. At least, not to me.

Order: smoked salmon board with tomato, red onion, capers, cucumber, chive cream cheese, and crispy dough -- on the brunch menu at Siena Tavern.

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2. 3 Arts Cafe

Here’s another dish where the bread just MAKES the platter. This smoked salmon platter at 3 Arts Cafe is served with Texas Toast, and oh wow is it delicious.

It’s a beautiful platter served in an equally beautiful and enchanting space.

The cafe is located inside Restoration Hardware. There’s always a long wait here, and that’s kind of the point. Put your name in, grab a coffee and/or bellini, and explore the 5 stories of stunning furniture and interior design while you wait for your table.

Order: smoked salmon platter with Texas Toast, cucumber, pickled onion, cream cheese, capers, and herbs.

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3. The Allis

It doesn’t get much more fancy, beautiful, OR delicious than this all-day breakfast plate at The Allis – located on the first and second floors of Soho House.

Everything on the plate is pretty standard, but you can pick how your eggs are cooked (I almost always do poached).

Order: Allis Breakfast: 2 eggs, roasted tomato, avocado, smoked salmon, choice of toast — served all day.

4. Lula Cafe

The entire menu is awesome at Lula Cafe, and this lox plate is no exception.

I just love the simple deliciousness of this platter – the bright tomatoes, house-made everything bagels, and house-made cream cheese. YUM x3.

FYI, there’s usually a bit of a wait here for brunch — just like most spots on this list.

Order: lox plate with house-made bagel, capers, cucumber, tomato, red onion, sprouts, horseradish dill cream cheese – on their breakfast menu.

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5. The Purple Pig

Speaking of house-made bagels — the everything bagels at The Purple Pig are LEGIT. I’m not gonna claim they’re New York levels of awesomeness, but I’m not not going to say that, either. You’ll have to decide for yourself. 😋

It’s a simple, beautiful breakfast dish, and the caper leaves on top are such an inventive touch. I’m a big fan of The Purple Pig in general, and this is one of my favorite breakfast dishes.

Order: house-made bagel and cream cheese with smoked salmon, tomatoes, pickled onions, and caper leaves. Breakfast menu only – Fridays to Sundays, 8-11am.

6. Little Goat

I’m a fan of most things Little Goat, and this crumpet plate with lox is no exception.

I love how they’ve put a little twist on each item — egg salad instead of eggs, tzatziki cream cheese… etc.

Like a lot of spots on this list, Little Goat gets a bit crowded on the weekends. I recommend going on weekdays for a bit less of a wait.

Order: Everything is Everything Crumpets with lox, fried egg salad, tzatziki cream cheese, and pickles — served all day.


7. The Coffee Studio

The Coffee Studio is the most casual spot on this list.

It’s a counter-service espresso shop in Andersonville with great coffee and great snacks, like this awesome salmon flatbread. I mean… it’s basically a smoked salmon pizza. How can you go wrong?

And, it’s only $9!

Order: salmon flatbread. Just loooook at all that yumminess.

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8. Travelle

Travelle, which is located on the 2nd floor of the Langham Hotel, is known for its beautiful dishes, but this pastrami smoked salmon toast is seriously next level.

Fair warning, this dish is a little bit on the expensive side compared to some others on this list — but just LOOK at all that yummy stuff on there.

Order: pastrami smoked salmon on pumpernickel toast with herbed cream cheese — on the brunch menu.


9. Summer House Santa Monica

This Summer House dish is not just any eggs benedict. This is a smoked salmon benedict on HASHBROWNS. I mean, talk about indulgent.

Any time you replace bread with hashbrowns, I am totally here for it.

Order: smoked salmon hashbrown benedict.

10. Jam

Here’s another dish, at Jam, where the bread is again replaced — this time, with potato-leek cakes.

And just LOOK at how perfectly these eggs are poached. 😍 Seriously, how can you say no to this dish?

Order: smoked salmon benedict on potato-leek cakes with poached eggs, béarnaise, and kohlrabi slaw — brunch.

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11. HASH

Last, but not least: the salmon benedict at HASH – a small, super delicious breakfast and lunch spot.

It’s a special, so it’s not always on the menu — but if you’re there when it is, you should certainly get it. (If not, they have tons of other yummy brunch options, too).

Order: lox benedict (special) with a poached egg, onions, tomatoes, and capers.

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11 Fancy Smoked Salmon Dishes in Chicago, by 312food

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