Pretty Little Latte List

From marshmallows to matcha, there are a TON of great specialty lattes in this city.

I just love the intentionality behind these hand-crafted drinks -- taking an extra moment to create something special through teas, toppings, or latte art.

Pretty Little Latte List Chicago


Here's a list of some of my favorite fancy lattes in the city. You won't find any unicorn drinks here -- these lattes are all a bit fancy without being toooo over the top.

I've got another list coming soon about local coffee roasters - so stay tuned! And as always: if you have any favorites I've missed, please let me know at the bottom of this post! <3

1. Big Shoulders Coffee

Neighborhood: River West

Serving coffee from: Big Shoulders

Fancy lattes to try:

  • Marshmallow latte (pictured)
  • Cardamom spice latte
  • Horchata latte

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2. Brew Brew Coffee & Tea

Neighborhoods: Avondale + Pilsen (new!)

Serving coffee from: Metropolis Coffee & Passion House Coffee

Fancy lattes to try:

  • Rosemallow latte (pictured)
  • Matcha latte
  • Mocha latte

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3. Caffe Streets

Neighborhood: Wicker Park

Serving coffee from: Metric Coffee Co

Fancy lattes to try:

  • Turmeric latte (pictured; seasonal)
  • Beet latte (seasonal)
  • Rosemary; pumpkin; peppermint (on current menu, 9/17)

4. CC Ferns

Neighborhood: Humboldt Park

Fancy drinks to try:

  • Chai latte
  • Matcha latte
  • Boozy steamer

Also offering: Doughnut Vault doughnuts

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5. Cup & Spoon

Neighborhood: Humboldt Park

Serving coffee from: Metric Coffee + Littlefoot Coffee

Fancy lattes to try:

  • Seasonal lattes (pictured)
  • Lumberjack latte (maple + sea salt)
  • The flower carrier (lavender + honey)

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6. Fairgrounds

Neighborhoods: Wicker Park & Loop

Serving coffee from: "roaster agnostic," with coffees from all over the US

Fancy drinks to try:

  • Matcha latte (pictured)
  • On-tap flights (choose amongst a selection of cold brew, nitro, matcha, & kombucha)

7. Goddess & the Baker

Neighborhoods: multiple locations

Serving coffee from: Metropolis, Colectivo, Metric, Dark Matter, Stumptown, and more

Fancy drinks to try:

  • Mayan mocha
  • Honey wildflower latte
  • Rainbow latte (secret menu - ask for it!)
  • Vietnamese cold brew

Also get: rainbow cake

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8. Heritage Bicycles

Neighborhood: Lakeview 

Serving coffee from: their own

Fancy drinks to try:

  • Lavendar latte
  • Caramel goatmilk latte
  • Cold brew

Also get: bikes, backpacks, helmets, etc.!

9. Il Tavolino

Neighborhood: River North 

Serving coffee from: Metropolis

Fancy drinks to try:

  • Nutella latte (pictured)
  • Iced latte
  • Caramel macchiato

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10. Intelligentsia

Neighborhood: everywhere

Serving coffee from: their own

Fancy drinks to try:

  • Oat milk latte (pictured, iced)
  • Vanilla latte
  • Black cat espresso shake (Logan Square only)

11. Java & Mug

Neighborhood: North Park

Fancy drinks to try:

  • Anything with cute latte art (bear, woman, love)

Also get: bubble teas with fresh fruit; bing-so for dessert

12. Maison Marcel

Neighborhood: Lakeview

Serving coffee from: Metric

Fancy drinks to try:

  • Almond milk iced latte (pictured)
  • Golden latte (with Harvest juice)
  • Vanilla latte

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13. Meddle Coffee

Neighborhood: West Loop

Serving coffee from: their own

Fancy drinks to try:

  • Cortado in a goblet (pictured)
  • Mayan mocha
  • Iced coffees on tap

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14. Oromo

Neighborhood: Lincoln Square

Serving coffee from: Chapin coffee

Fancy drinks to try:

  • Pistachio + rose latte (pictured; more here)
  • Hazelnut horchata latte
  • Lemongrass + ginger Vietnamese iced coffee

Also get: superfood pastries

15. Sawada

Neighborhood: West Loop

Fancy drinks to try:

  • Military latte (pictured; espresso + dairy + white chocolate + matcha)
  • Matcha latte (hot or iced)
  • Cold brew
  • Boozy steamers

Also get: Doughnut Valut doughnuts

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16. Werewolf Coffee

Neighborhood: West Town-ish

Serving coffee from: Passionhouse espresso + lots of other options on tap

Fancy drinks to try:

  • Charcoal latte (pictured)
  • Chai latte
  • Mocha latte
  • Cold brews on tap

Also get: pastries; Bon Vivant cupcakes on some Friday mornings

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17-20. What Else?

There are so many great lattes in this city, and I would love your suggestions on any I've missed!

Please submit your favorites, and I will update this list with some of your suggestions.


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Thanks! -Erin

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